Our Plans


post1The top photo is how the building currently looks and the lower image is how the building looked in 1902. We plan to renovate the exterior of the building to look as close to what it did in 1902. We are discussing numerous ideas for projects within the building including: A museum with a haunted & historical asylum theme, A Dinner Theater, Lofts, Condos, Restaurant, Children’s park, Bed and Breakfast, offices…..
and or any combination of each of these items.

We would like to hear from everyone with ideas for the building. You must understand that the building must generate revenue in order to pay for these renovations. Depending on the ideas it could take anywhere from 3.5 to 7 million dollars to complete renovations.

PLEASE e-mail us  your ideas and we will post them later on the web site. We also hope to have an area that discussion can be ongoing for the interested individuals.

As stated before we are only in the planning stages with our work cut out for us. We thank you for visiting our site and please come back for future additions and updates.